A warning you should NOT ignore. 

 look at the 4 deaths of the DNC members since those email scandals. Make sure YOU  keep a copy of my blogs because that’s the smoking gun! Got it! This is bigger than you and me, and we need to make you young people WAKE UP AMERICA your end is coming unless we stop it. I’m sure of this! 

 My homework to prove what my blogs have been predicating for past couple years when I realized something was wrong with this FAKE president , especially when he won second rigged term. Please read my blogs so you too can get a head start on protecting yourself and your family! THIS is not a joke!!!

I have added a few  pictures. Some you’ve seen, some not, but most already tell the story of what will become of the USA.

This is a call to arms for WTP!

To be prepared for what’s coming!

Hell no, we won’t get the same treatment,  they fear we will fight them when SHTF and it’s going to be very soon!

Think about what will happen !

Thank you Sir for your service,  may need to call on you again!

Which could be sooner than you think  !

Don’t let marshall law happen.

Not on TRUMPS WATCH! Or a repeat of the illegal Obamacare scheme ! That’s what it really is, all Americans were lied to as how this useless health plan was, however they can raise more taxpayers money,  each year the premium will go up, and the so called insurance for every American was false too! Just another lie to the American people. 

I’m a member of the NORTH, NRA, USCCA, JUDICIAL WATCH, you all will need them on your side! 

Which is the Democrats!

Just like Wasserman now has a better job with the Clinton Foundation????? Where’s Lois learner??? What deal did she get for claiming the 5th, just like the guy who set up Hillary’s illegal servers who was given amnesty but still hasn’t talked! I fear for the guy of wikileaks life since he’s advertised he had more incriminating evidence against  HRC.  

Everyone call  email,write to your Congress person 

Now what kind of deal did he make.? Life or limb?

Enough said! Heed the warning!

Now why isn’t this treated as a death threat and they be arrested or deported?



> Exclusive Intelligence Examiner



> Texe Marrs


> Our National Parks Now Belong to United Nations


> Across this great land, our national parks, wildlands, forests, and lakes are being turned over to UN control. Joseph Urso, Jr., a friend of the ministry who hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, recently sent me a photograph of the entrance sign of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Notice the telling phrase on the sign: “AN INTERNATIONAL BIOSPHERE RESERVE.”

>This means that, under the United Nations Biodiversity Treaty, a precious resource—owned by American citizens for over 200 years—has been turned over to the UN’s bureaucrats for control. Yes, you and I will continue to pay taxes for the maintenance and upkeep of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But we no longer own it. Now, the UN has ultimate jurisdiction. This alone is startling evidence that the once independent nation-state known as the United States of America is going out with a whimper and not a bang. Our sovereignty is coming to an end.

>As a consequence, across the U.S.A., our parks and wilderness areas are slowly being closed to the public. Roads inside the parks are being grazed over. Mountain passes and hiking paths are being blockaded. “No fishing,” “No hunting,” “No trespassing” signs are being erected everywhere on public lands. Entrance fees are being jacked up 100%, even 500% higher, to keep American families out of their own lands.

>The UN and its elitist masters don’t want you on their property! And in case you do “trespass” and enter forbidden areas of these pristine UN lands, you might just be shot. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents and park personnel are now taught to love nature’s Mother Earth and to despise and loathe human beings. They are being given firearms and instructed to use them. Meanwhile, foreign immigrants from India, China, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Russia and other nations are being recruited for this national park service police duty because, unlike U.S. nationals, non-English speaking foreigners will not hesitate to carry out orders and shoot American citizen “intruders.”

>But even if you are not shot or arrested, there is still a possibility of being bitten—or eaten! As my friend, Joseph Urso, Jr., points out, the feds have been reintroducing vicious wolves into Yellowstone National Park and into Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The idea is to put the lives of park visitors in jeopardy and to frighten tourists away.

>Environmental groups, of course, are overjoyed that the UN is taking over our parks and forests and putting the screws to the people. Such organizations as the Nature Conservancy and the National Wildlife Federation are funded and controlled by Rockefeller monied interests. The leaders of these organizations hate human beings and believe that the takeover of our parklands and heritage sites by the UN is the paying of homage to their pagan nature goddess, “Mother Earth.”


> In protest, I have registered a complaint with U.S. Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina. Helms, a Republican, is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As Chairman, he has the power to put a stop to all this nonsense. What’s more, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park lies partly inside Helm’s home state, North Caro-lina, as well as in neighboring Tennessee.

>My answer from Senator Helms came in March when he and his committee warmly embraced and voted for President Clinton’s choice, Madeleine Albright, to become Secretary of State. Albright, a Marxist, is an avid supporter of the UN’s Biodiversity Treaty. She endorses the unconstitutional giving away of American sovereignty over its lands and natural resources.

>Some may be surprised that Jesse Helms would commit this act of high treason. They are puzzled that the Senator, who is so warmly supported by the Christian Coalition and other conservative groups, would conspire with Bill Clinton, the UN, and the Illuminati elite to give away our birthright and heritage to New World Order forces.

> Ever since Jesse Helms was elevated to the 33° of Freemasonry, bowing his knee before the black stone altar of the false gods Jahbulon, Mahabone, and Abaddon, he has digressed in his strong support of American sovereignty. As happens with all Masons, the occultic, 33° ritual brings on possession of the celebrant by devils.

> In fact, Jesse Helms can’t help himself. Like Judas Iscariot, he is taken captive by alien forces. Helms has been neutralized, and our historic, great nation is laid low before vile, global forces—forces intent on America’s unconditional surrender to the Illuminati’s antichrist, United Nations establishment.

>Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy Ministries oppose violence. But when the American populace—or at least the few who still care and are not dumbed-down—realize that this country’s national treasures and heritage have been given away for a mess of globalist porridge, intense anger will result.

> No doubt, the elite are preparing for just such an eventuality. If Joe and Jane American discover that Yellowstone, Big Bend, Sequoia, Rocky Mountain, Great Smoky, Yosemite, and the other national parks and monuments are under UN jurisdiction and control, the government fully expects a counter-revolutionary explosion.

>That’s why the UN is bringing in foreign troops and training them—at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and other military bases—to assault U.S.A. cities and towns. That’s why the Universal Beast 666 Computer Control System, Project L.U.C.I.D., is being implemented. It is why the White House is making a priority the passage by Congress of totalitarian, gun control legislation and supposed “anti-terrorist” acts. It is why our Armed Forces are now earnestly training to quell a domestic insurrection by militias and patriots. The elite know what’s just ahead. They are preparing to deal with the resisters and dissidents—in other words, the old-fashioned, solid American patriots and Christians who still refuse to bow to the gods of the New World Order.

> The insider information we have obtained on L.U.C.I.D.© is tremendously important, unbelievably vital, and earthshaking. So much so, that I have produced a special book exposing this monstrous project and warning of its deadly implications for Christian believers and American patriots. Order your personal copy of this investigative book,Project L.U.C.I.D.: The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System, by using our on-line shopping cart. For faster service, please call our order line, toll free, at 1-800-234-9673.


>DEAN: Sorry! Your national parks do not belong to you

>By Warren L. Dean Jr. –

> Wednesday, October 9, 2015


>The Public Broadcasting System has a promotional television commercial that starts off with a picture of Lincoln’s statue in the memorial on the Mall in Washington and continues with pictures of national and local parks and other public facilities. It is accompanied by the soundtrack from the film “Dances with Wolves.” It is both majestic and inspiring. The theme of the commercial, set out in bold letters in front of Lincoln, is “THIS BELONGS TO YOU.” It ends with a picture of the United States Capitol.


>Apparently, our national parks, monuments and treasures no longer belong to the people of the United States. They belong to a capricious federal establishment that is intent on punishing the American public for its temerity to elect representatives who think there should be a limit to the resources and power the government can take from its citizens. At the root of this vindictiveness is contempt for the very democratic processes that the Constitution prescribes.

>For the first time during one of many government shutdowns, the National Park Service has closed the monuments and memorials in its care. It even closed the World War II Memorial to Honor Flight veterans who sacrificed far more for their country than anyone in this administration could imagine. It also roped off the overlooks on parkways that were otherwise still open, for no apparent reason. The government shuttered parks, beaches, historic sites, waterways and other facilities putatively owned by the public, regardless of the source of funding for those facilities. Never mind that these facilities are still patrolled by police that continue to be paid.

>On the other hand, President Obama’s Camp David retreat and favorite golf courses remain open — at least for him. To make it absolutely clear that the closings are nothing more than political retribution against American voters, a pro-immigration rally was allowed to proceed Tuesday on the otherwise closed National Mall.

>What this tells us is that the noble ideal — championed by PBS — that these national treasures actually belong to the people of the United States is false. They belong to a government that prints and borrows its own money, tells its citizens how to behave, and demands whatever tribute from them it may require for its purposes. When the people — 60 percent of which already think the government is too powerful — try to insist on some accountability through their elected representatives, the federal government sets out to exact its revenge from the public for exercising that right. In other words, it resorts to petty tyranny.

>It is a sad irony that Congress is considering legislation to give federal employees back pay for the days they were furloughed by the legislative impasse. That is a horrible mistake. The budget of the National Park Service and the salaries of its employees should be cut, and cut permanently, for each day that the public was denied access to these supposedly public facilities. Perhaps that might bring the administration to its senses.

>The monuments and treasures that have been expropriated by the administration are all tributes to the citizenry, their history and their accomplishments. Many of the sites celebrate the individuals, like President Lincoln, who embodied the highest values of the nation. By arrogating the power to close those facilities to the public that commissioned and paid for them, the federal government has betrayed those values. After all, the nation’s monuments and memorials are nothing more or less than physical symbols of the nation’s values and ideals. The government has managed to deface them more effectively than any vandal could.

> The closure of the Lincoln Memorial will avoid at least one embarrassment for the administration. No one will be there to witness the marble statue inside shed a tear for the betrayal of what he stood for. In words inscribed on the memorial itself, Lincoln stated his dream for the nation: “That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” The Great Emancipator never would have envisioned the day those words would be manacled by a federal bureaucracy charged with their care. He, for one, understood the meaning of liberty.

>Warren L. Dean Jr. is a lawyer and an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center.

> Copyright © 2016 The Washington Times, LLC.

>  BELOW THESE LINKS are MORE DISTURBING INFORMATION THAT BHO had done and will do. Go past these links for more proof that our country is in very serious danger and WTP need to do something. I’ve started by collecting this information to pass on to those who are UNINFORMED ABOUT WHAT DISASTER IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN WITH IN THE NEXT 90 DAYS, AND BEFORE THE inauguration ceremony. SO what happens to this country depends on what you do!

>pst read beyond these  sponsored contents till you get to my information. 

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> The rest of the scary truth!

In addition to permanently protecting incredible natural resources, wildlife habitat and unique historic and cultural sites, and providing recreational opportunities for a burgeoning region, the monuments will support climate resiliency in the region,” the White House said in a statement. However, the designation as monuments means that these newly “protected” areas will be off-limits to mining and mineral exploration, oil and gas drilling, grazing, timber harvest — and even to many of the current recreational uses such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and off-road vehicle usage that the public previously has enjoyed. But that’s OK, because it’s all in the greater interest, allegedly, of “protecting” the environment and combatting global warming, according to the president.

> As of this writing, the administration’sWhiteHouse.gov website opens with a beautiful landscape photo of sand dunes and rocky crags, with this greeting emblazoned on the desert sky: “Find Your Park — America’s Newest National Monuments — President Obama designated three new national monuments in the California desert. He has now protected more land and water than any president in history.”

>Protected? Critics say he has seized or stolen the areas in question. This is but the latest salvo in President Obama’s planned lockup of hundreds of millions of acres, which we first exposed in The New American six years ago. In a 2010 article, The New American’sJoe Wolverton reported on a secret 21-page Obama memo revealed by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, which identified 14 pieces of land that “might be good candidates” for unilateral executive land grabs utilizing the Antiquities Act. In the past two years, Obama has been especially aggressive in using executive orders to implement these planned lockups.

>“We’ll Do Audacious Executive Action”

>On January 13, 2016, Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, bluntly forecast the “audacious” actions to come. Speaking to reporters, McDonough announced: “We’ll do audacious executive action over the course of the rest of the year. I’m confident of that…. We do want to make sure that the executive actions we undertake are not left hanging out there, subject to Congress undoing them.”

>President Obama has repeatedly stated his intention to legislate by executive order from the Oval Office, if Congress doesn’t rubber-stamp his every whim as law. And he has proceeded to make good on that threat, issuing unconstitutional orders on illegal alien amnesty, temporary worker visas, gun control, draconian environmental regulations,and much more. Designating national monuments is a very important component of his plan for “audacious” executive action. “In his seven years in office, Obama has established 22 national monuments and expanded others to set aside more than 265 million acres of land and water,” noted the UPI news service on February 13.

>And he’s not through yet. Among the additional targets in the federal crosshairs is the proposed mammoth Owyhee Canyonlands National Monument in eastern Oregon, encompassing much of the land where the recent conflict erupted that culminated in the shooting death of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum by federal and state law enforcement on January 26 and the arrest of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his sons Ammon and Ryan. The Owyhee Canyonlands proposal would lock up 2.5 million acres, an enormous chunk of Oregon the size of Yellowstone National Park, and would effectively kill cattle ranching in the area, the only viable economic activity in the region since the federal government killed all the timber/wood products industries by closing down the national forests, using various specious environmental concerns. The gluttonous gobbling up of millions more acres and the hobbling of all means of livelihood for the people who live and work on or near the public lands is a guarantee of escalating conflict.

> As we have noted in our recent article “The Federal Bootprint,” the federal agencies managing the national monument lands (National Park Service, BLM, Forest Service) are already grossly mismanaging the vast areas they currently hold and are $16 billion-21 billion behind in critical maintenance. With this record — along with their other atrocious mismanagement records — they have no business adding still more real estate to their portfolio, even if they had constitutional authority to do so — which they don’t.

>Article 1, Section 1, Sentence 1 of the U.S. Constitution states: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” That’s crystal clear: All legislative (lawmaking) powers are delegated to Congress, not the president or any federal agency or bureaucrat. Equally important is the “herein granted” clause, which refers specifically to the powers enumerated in Article 1, Section 8. So, even though “all legislative powers” have been bestowed on Congress, those legislative powers may be exercised in only those areas permitted by the Constitution. Presidential usurpation of powers through executive orders has been proceeding for decades, virtually unchallenged, with both Democrat and Republican presidents rampantly abusing the device, always concentrating more and more power in the executive, pushing us ever closer to outright dictatorship.

> We have mentioned the enumeration of legislative powers in Article 1, Section 8 of our U.S. Constitution. A crucial feature of this section is the limitation on the federal government’s ownership of land. According to the Constitution, our law of the land, “The Congress shall have Power … To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.”

>As The New American explained in an earlier article, this means:

>The federal government was allowed to have a 10-mile square (100 square miles) for a seat of government. Property for “Forts, Magazines, Arsenals,” etc., for national defense purposes, could be purchased from the states if the state legislatures consented. That’s it. Under Article IV, the federal government is allowed to acquire new territory, which is to be “disposed” of by turning it over to the new state government when the territory is admitted into statehood. Newly created states are to be admitted on an “equal footing” with the original 13 states, meaning with full sovereignty over their lands, not with a distant federal landlord controlling 30 percent, 50 percent, or 90 percent of their land and resources.

>The Obama administration and its “green” allies are pushing audaciously and relentlessly now because they are well aware of the mounting anger and resistance to tyrannical federal controls. This is most acutely felt — and emphatically expressed — in the Western states, where the federal bootprint is largest and heaviest, and where efforts are maturing to wrest the “public lands” from federal control and transfer them to the states, where, constitutionally, control belongs.

> It is time for the American people to supportefforts by legislators and citizens in the Western states to claim their rightful “equal footing” as sovereign states — the same as the rest of the states — not colonies to be ruled by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or any other federal politician or bureaucrat. It is also time for the American people to insist that their representatives in Congress stand up to the president, take back “all legislative powers herein granted,” limit executive orders to their original executive branch “housekeeping” functions, void the vast majority of previous orders, and stop this audacious, mad rush toward tyranny.

> Photo of President Obama: AP Images


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>Utah Congressmen Form Federal Land Group to Return Control to States 

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