All colors matter 

Black cat appreciation day! So many black cats are passed over for adoption because they are black and there’s the superstition that they are bad luck.

This is so true.  We have about 17 black and 6 have some white on them here at Heaven Scent Equine and Animal Rescue Org. along with other colors and patterns.  They are all special here and have their own individual personality. When one of our four legged family passes it breaks our hearts when we put them to rest in the rainbow bridge passage area. I think there’s people that say they are dog people and don’t like cats, if they would sit and ACCEPT  the attention from a feline, touch it’s soft fur which is a calming sensation, vs the fur/hair of a dog that has more of a active feeling. We have people who come for the interactive connection with animals and volunteers who after they spend time, they find HSR as a relaxing environment. Depending on the emotional state of the individual would determine which animal would be the best for the connections. Lol. Back to this cute picture, it goes to show that color doesn’t matter, we all care for each other, regardless of color!

About kaybaby1

Founder of Heaven Scent Equine and Animal Rescue Org. a 501c3 non-profit, Inventor, Entrepreneur. like to get my business launched, and our rescue/sanctuary therapy and wounded warrior programs going which involves the equine industry, and no they are not losing money! I am life coach with the ability to guide and council people to make a change in their life time. I am a major humanitarian, and no I do not go out and stop the lumber companies from cutting down trees, however those are living creatures that the Great Spirit, God, The Divine one, what ever you want to call the creator, I don't think he will mind as long as you don't talk bad about him and use the trees wisely. I have Native American Ancestry and that is where I get my spiritual guidance. Everyone has a gift God gave you, its up to you to discover and use the gifts. I was struggling some time ago, to figure out my purpose while in this lifetime. My daughter and I went to a prayer sweat lodge and after spending the day in the presence of a Shaman. and a couple of months in deep soul searching it hit me what my purpose was and had already been practicing with out realizing it. My purpose that God has for me is I'm a teacher of the mind and healer of the soul, and with knowing that, I want to help heal our warriors coming home. if I can get the financial help for Heaven Scent Rescue , I can start our equine assisted psychotherapy, which I am certified in.
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